Top 500

Top 500

Be apart of I-hub’s Top 500 

Top500tDo you want to be part of an exclusive investment club? The “Top 500” is the club of 2009. This is where all the movers and shakers will be doing their business this year.

The financial crunch has not affected this type of business, in fact this is a field where money will be made.

Innovation and ingenuity is what is going to move New Zealand forward and allow us to compete on the world stage with unique products and technology.

Being a member of the “Top 500” will allow you to be part of this exclusive network. You will be privy to all new inventions and projects that I-hub has on the go.

This is limited in numbers, so don’t miss the opportunity of 2009.

You will be invited to regular exclusive evenings to promote new innovations and technology. The guest speakers and social networking will also be a highlight of your social and business calendar.

The final details of how the “Top 500” will be run will be released in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our website for updated details and news. You can also contact us now to express your interest and we will email you the full details as soon as we release them.