I-Hub’s Partners

I-Hub’s partners

These people are partners in innovation and we recommend and use their services to aid us in our business plans and investment opportunities.

Bridge Distributors Ltd

Bridge Distributors LtdBridge Distributors is a valued partner of I-hub. They take care of any sales solutions for our clients, locally or exporting your product to the world.
They also can source products or arrange manufacturing of your products\ designs off shore.Visit Website: www.bridge.net.nz

Neil Stevenson & Co Ltd

Neil Stevenson and his accountancy firm help the team at I-hub with the accounts and finance for our businesses, projects and clientsVisit Website: www.neilstevenson.co.nz

Sealevel Design

Sealevel DesignTim and his team at Sealevel Design are responsible for all our design work for our advertising and marketing needs of our clients and also our own businesses.

Turboweb – website design, development and internet solutions

Turboweb - website design, development and internet solutionsTurboweb offers website design and development solutions to make the process of getting your website online painless. We understand that commercial results are more important than something that just looks good and are able to strike that important balance between functionality and usability.Visit Website: www.turboweb.co.nz