Who is I-Hub

Welcome to I-hub and to a company who puts “Kiwi” back into ingenuity. If you are looking for an investment opportunity or would like to be involved in a new and exciting product innovation then you have come to the right place.

At I-hub we truly believe in our inventors and business ideas and we have the passion and knowledge to see your investment through from the beginning to the height of success.

We have a large range of opportunities available to accommodate your budget, ranging from the smaller investment through to larger scale investments.

True to kiwi character being unpretentious and unassuming, New Zealand’s entrepreneurial culture has been kept quiet but this is no longer. According to the Global Entrepreneurial Monitor New Zealand ranks second in the world for innovation and has also been named by the World Bank as the best country around the globe in which to do business -so we can safely say us Kiwi’s are on an ever growing road to success.

Now is the time to tap into and become part of an already strong and internationally recognised business sector which has a high level of growth and returns.

By becoming an I-hub “In the loop” member we will keep you informed and up to date with all investment opportunities or take a step further and become part of our exclusive Top 500 club which you will be privy to being the first to be made aware of the latest up and coming projects and ideas and be part of a very influential social network.

We have a fantastic team of dedicated staff working closely with our partners all in which play an important role for the continuing future and success of I-hub